About Us

After being in the landscaping and lawn care business for nearly 5 years, Owner, Jonathan Pinckney realized that were a lot of downfalls to using traditional gas powered equipment." I never really enjoyed the stress of mixing the fuel to the proper ratio, starting techniques, noise pollution, and AIR POLLUTION, particularly the air that I was breathing. I dreaded the oily fumes sticking to clothing at the end of the day and the smell they would give off!"
After retiring from the full time landscaping business, Jonathan wanted to offer another alternative to lawn care professionals and homeowners that struggled with the same hardships as him. EGO Power Plus was that solution as the #1 Rated Battery Platform on the Market, offering both a commercial and residential line of equipment.
In search for a product line, Garden Pro Tools did not want offer reduced power or performance to our customers. Our goal isn’t only offer clean technology, but to provide you with easier equipment operations, a safer work environment, and to SAVE you money in operational costs!

Devotion to Our Customers 

We want to provide customers with the highest quality landscaping and lawn care equipment on the best battery operated platform, therefore offering unrivaled customer service and battery powered consultation. Making the switch from traditional gas powered equipment to clean battery powered technology can be an investment. Garden Pro Tools wants make sure you have confidence in your purchase of EGO Power + System and you will have the dealer support you need to jump into the rising trend of greener technology!